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a world of Junior Scientist ( JrSc की दुनिया )

12th Grade dropout from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

Baby steps began from getting suspended from school back during 7th standard. As a result, started participating in competitions to drain the frustration. Ended up with a lot of amateur dreams in head and got mentally ready to board the train and then started to enjoy the journey of "ups & downs"

with just one motive "LIVE LIFE" as the same kid realized

dying is an easy task, and he's not made to do "easy"
After being cursed by school teachers at an age of 14 for opting for the path less traveled and getting a cute nickname by them "alien", I ended up giving rise to my own world with a positive disruption. Just to make sure that I make the most out of this life and give back to the society in a manner someone ever did.

I'm on a journey to refine prodigy innovation for 2025

Addicted to the simplest Innovation strategy, i.e. JUGAAD Innovation to have more gravitas and positive social impact. Passionate about my revolutionary ideas and don't even care about the scholastics as those

hamper my innovation, and I get older in the age in order to cross those so-called barriers.

Own two Independent Provisional Patents, for now. I have a handful of disruptive ideas in my head and

also taking some calculated risks to uplift those ideas to a practical level along with giving back to the society especially focused on socially discarded communities which in-turn can

aid humanity and provide them with values.


I think age should not be a barrier in order to compete for global competition and only the quality and intensity of Ideas should! Because young minds bring fresh and healthy innovations but usually the older and complex minds never, according to me;

Some Grow by Age in number, Some by their Body-Size, but Some by their Intellect


Failed many times in life, sometimes intentionally and fewer times I won too with a bounce-back success.

Did receive many Awards such as Junior Scientist,  Child Scientist, and got recognized by the United Nations twice but there is a lot to come and go.

Satisfaction level should be maximum according to me and so,

Kick high whenever you get a chance let the ball go High and Far


Get your eyes dirty, I got my hands!

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Metamorphic changes in Pedagogy

after being disappointed seeing my productivity level go down within-a-month just after lockdown got imposed by the central government due to Pandemic COVID19. 
went through several rounds of

self-interpretation and glided down to

follow-up my hypothetical idea struck my head back in June 2019 with a small +ve twist.


plus 20 Mentoring sessions themed

"Being stubborn to FAIL"

plus an online competition

"Virtual Disruption Battle"


Deliver able

Synchronizing the reach of essential products during the pandemic to the needy. An application through which people at home can easily track the vendors around them during day time and check with what's there in the cart/inventory of a particular vendor, which will make the supply chain of essentials more productive. 

Dr. Ding

Diagnostic King

Integration of Jugaad Innovation

and inherited life skills,

we bring the fastest way of Disease Diagnosis. This would not only cut down the time for disease diagnosis but also make it much cheaper and simple for society to use.

Instead of waiting for your reports to arrive and paying huge amounts for that,

get this disruptive technology made by

the Young Minds to benefit mankind.

Hence, we gave rise to a Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Programme,

which could help you diagnose diseases in a much faster way, here we initially target for Heart Attack, Tuberculosis, Dengue, Skin Diseases, and Breast Cancer, and working to make Retinal OCT also successful.

We want disease diagnosis to be economical and fast like getting body temperature on thermometer and as simple as binary results, like a Preganews Pregnancy Test,

which could get you the results only in

YES or NO, nothing else

We made an android application that can easily get a patient the disease status,

in binary form.

We want Medical diagnosis to be more affordable and quick, as it greatly affects a country’s growth, be it any aspect.

Thus, gliding down and delivering a great disruptive solution for the market to adopt and normal people to use.

Which will help them get accurate results, and avoid paying those huge amounts even after waiting for long hours, just by only a self-learning Pythons code.


Nirmal Petrol

Towards a pure World.

Nirol is a Device-cum-Software Subscription-based Model, a pioneer in tracking Fluid Purity Status across different Stations.

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Oral Media

A frugal way approach to Buccal Cavity

Oral Hearing

Made a device using which you are enabled to hear the multimedia audio from your mouth, not ear, this was made by me after reading a newspaper headline which directed towards an accident with a TamilNadu boy who went for an outing to Jammu and Kashmir with his family and was listening to high volume sound so wasn't able to hear the shout of his father who was trying to alert him about sliding of rocks from the top and the boy died. This made me make some device using which you can enjoy your music and even coordinate with the outside sound when needed, as I am a music composer too and been through some situations when I was scolded of not listening to the horn of other vehicles on road and keeping my earphones on.


A Noble way of Micro Observation

Back in 2017 round the locality where I had my rented house during my initial days in Delhi, every second person was suffering from dengue and society aunties were talking about platelet count of those patients. As a curious geek, I started taping the internet about the same as I was jobless during those days and usually spent time alone.

After flushing down all information related to the current platelet counting process tried syncing it with the laser magnification process of any substance in liquid form, the real game began after my father suffered from dengue.

Every night he was like “Now I have these many platelets and waiting to get more count to get discharged” It was taking a lot of time to get the platelet count reports thus I gathered insights and made an apparatus which can be there in every home like a thermometer and people can get their platelet counts instantly and further can diagnose dengue yes/no within a fraction of minute.

Cell Flow

Revolution in Car's fuel technology

Made an automobile that runs with Sea Water. It is a chemical electrolyte cell consists of a Metal terminal and an Activated Carbon terminal (normal anode and cathode).

Which combines with Sea Water, which is in the ratio of 5:1 (saltwater); at the one side there will be Activated Carbon and then the thin paper separator of terminals that will absorb the fuel i.e. Sea Water and at last the metal plate. All the chemical processes will carry on when these are assembled, in a separate chamber of the automobile.


Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India -600020

 a4adityajrsc@gmail.com   |   +91 8619911595

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